Why are XXX Hookup sites so Popular in the Developing World?

Make no mistake about it, XXX hookup sites are not just popular in the United States, Australia, Canada, or Western Europe. They are all the rage in the developing world. We’re talking about places like India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and certain parts of Southeast Asia. What gives? Why are they so popular?


Well, the answer should be obvious. Whenever sex is in the picture, there will always be no shortage of horny guys interested in that content. This is true hundreds of years ago. This is true now, and this will probably will continue to be true long into the future. You have to remember that promiscuity and a high degree of libido is hardwired into the human male DNA. It defines the human psychology.


Culture is no barrier. So, if it’s popular in the United States and in the western world, you can bet that it will be popular in the developing world as well. The big innovation is the fact that the bandwidth speeds in many developing countries began to match the lower end of the bandwidth speeds in developed countries. This has made previously high intensity and resource intensive entertainment like streaming media through hookup sites much more accessible and feasible in the developing world.


As interesting as this development may be, keep in mind that this poses a tremendous business challenge to the companies behind XXX hookup sites like hookupxxx.com. You have to remember that in the United States, there is a certain percentage of people that will pay for this type of entertainment. In the developing world, that percentage is much smaller. Thanks to the fact that credit card facilities and online payment facilities are not as developed in these parts of the global economy.


Not surprisingly, a lot of online adult entertainment companies feel that the return on investment simply isn’t there that’s why one of the growing trends now is some sort of private censorship. They’re not censoring developing countries because of political reasons. They’re self-censoring because they just don’t want to spend all that money streaming this entertainment content to these countries only to have very few people sign up for it either in the form of subscriptions or tips.


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